PROA Solution - business cases

Intelligent customer service assistant

Our robotic team has become part of the customer service department of a cleaning company. We have installed chatbots on the website and in social media to handle customer inquiries. The robots took care not only of answering typical customer questions, but also thanks to a specially prepared form and access to the systems, they were able to prepare initial offers for customers.

Assistant for employee matters

The HR department in one of the production company spent most of its time answering employees’ frequent asked questions connected with holidays or overtime. We decided to create for them a virtual assistant of the HR, which will be easy to use and will allow each employee to get quick answer. For example the employee contact with the assistant via text messages and asking about overtime. Robot has access to the system, verifies personal data and check the working time in selected period.

Loan assistant robot

In one of the banks it was noticed that filling loan applications and completing necessary documents take customers a lot of time. The process also consumes a lot of consultants’ time. The virtual assistant can find in sytem customers interested in a loan and guide them through all the steps – from completing the application to collecting documents. The bot is able to download customers’ data from the system and enter them into the application, robot also checks the documents on regular basis. Thanks to this possibility of communication, the customer service department has been relieved and clients can arrange loans faster.

Insurance agent available 24 hours a day

Reporting claims to insurance agencies is associated with hours spent on helplines and filling dozens of documents. Our robot team helps with accident reporting. The customer has 24h access to the chatbot, so if someone has an accident it is possible to immediately report the damage, quickly fill in the preliminary documents and send photos / videos from the accident to the insurer. The robot places all data in the system and is able to associate them with a specific case regarding the client.

Virtual order assistant

The auto parts dealer received numerous inquiries from mechanics and wholesalers about the status of their orders. Such a number of orders caused that there was a need to hire another person for the customer service department. The solution to this problem was to hire a virtual assistant to handle customer orders. After logging in to the account in the webshop, customers will see a chatbot window in which they can enter their order number. The robot checks the status of the shipment and monitors the orders on an ongoing basis, if it notices a problem with the package – sends this information to the consultant. Thanks to this, there are no problems with lost parcels. Chatbot also answers simple questions related to the online store and helps customers with their first orders.