RO:BOTS - our digital workers

What is a digital worker?

Our RO:BOTs are autonomous software robots emulating human behavior in interaction with computer systems and electronic documents. Our digital workers enable automation of repetitive back-office tasks. We built them using the latest technologies, including artificial intelligence, which ensures that even the most advanced of tasks can be completed in no time at all.

Meet our RO:BOTS

Digital workers perform the same tasks as people do. Because they are personalized, they can be contacted via text message or email – just as people can. Digital workers have names and their skills are presented in a form of CV. Anne is the assistant which helps your accounting team in their daily work, Alice will effectively enforce the payment of receivables, John automates HR processes in your company and Paul takes care of customers.

Anne Hardworker

Accounting assistant - digital worker
anna robotna cyfrowy pracownik

Alice Hardworker

Contractor verification specialist - digital worker
ela robotna cyfrowy pracownik

John Hardworker

HR department assistant - digital worker
jan robotny cyfrowy pracownik

Paul Hardworker

Customer service assistant - digital worker
pawel robotny cyfrowy pracownik

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