Use of RO:BOTS

Registration of documents in the ERP system

We have developed, customized and implemented digital workers in order to automate the process of recording documents and invoices in the ERP system. Our RO:BOTs relieve employees from a substantial amount of manual work, such as:

Our solution allows the client to outsource up to several thousands of documents to the RO:BOT and relieve employees from simple and repetitive tasks. On average, the processing of one document takes the RO:BOT 50% less time as compared to humans. Additionally, our digital worker makes fewer mistakes and works 24/7/365.

Recording overnight deposits in SAP

Together with our client we have solved the problem of manually moving the same information between different modules in SAP. We provided a digital worker which can record an overnight deposit in SAP and complete all required information from the bank statement, including reconciliation and reporting.

As a result, employees are only responsible for checking statuses and results of the reconciliation, allowing them more time to spend on other tasks.

Onboarding a new employee

We have created and implemented the digital worker, which supports the process of onboarding a new employee. Our RO:BOT can help HR departments with:

Our digital worker significantly accelerates the process of onboarding new employees and becomes a big support for HR and IT teams. Moreover, it helps to keep the HR documentation in order – all documents are always in the right place. Thanks to the RO:BOT, new employees feel more comfortable from the first days of work.

Posting of bank statements

We have developed the RO:BOT which performs tasks in the accounting team related to the posting of bank statements, which include:

Implementation of our digital worker is a support for employees in very time-consuming settlement of payments, so all work is done always on time. Accounting processes were reduced by 50% of the time.

Registration of bank statements

We have implemented a solution in our client’s accounting system, which provides support for employees responsible for recording bank statements. It is a digital worker which can import bank statements from different banks and perform all the steps required to record the transaction in the accounting system. 

Digital workers reduce the time spent by the employees on entering data from electronic documents into the accounting system. This solution offers great support in handling customer payments and money transfers.

Licenses handling and archiving

For our client we have developed and customized the digital worker which carries out the process of licenses handling and archiving. Our solution consists of:

Thanks to this solution our customer has continuous access to licenses and all files are stored in one place. Our RO:BOT reduces the amount of daily work of employees and saves their time.

Registration of bank statements

We have developed and implemented a digital worker which performs necessary operations on individual bank accounts. The RO:BOT performs tasks required by the banking system, including:

This solution has allowed the RO:BOT to replace employees in daily verifications of dozens of transactions which are recorded in seized bank accounts. For those of our clients who have a large number of individual accounts, this solution is the perfect time saver as it assists them in mundane operations required by law.

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