The right RO:BOTfor the right job

Automate repetitive accounting tasks in your company. Lease digital workers which can relieve your team from tedious, repetitive tasks.

What is a digital worker?

Our RO: BOTs are autonomous software robots emulating human behavior in interaction with computer systems and electronic documents. Our digital workers enable automation of repetitive accounting tasks. We built them using the latest technologies, including artificial intelligence, which ensures that even the most advanced of tasks can be completed in no time at all.

assistant robot

Benefits of employing digital worker

Sample tasks taken by digital worker

reading invoice scans (OCR) and data from documents,   barcodes, recording and archiving them in accounting systems

generating periodic payment reports, preparing files for internet banking systems

importing electronic bank statements, entering certain transaction types into the accounting system

identifying payments from contractors on the bank statement, recording payments in the accounting system

downloading account balances from the system and comparing them with electronic analytical documents or statements

validation of clients’ VAT numbers with every sales transaction with a foreign company, this is important to ensure that the sale is VAT exempt

monitoring of repayments and verification of contractors’ debts, sending reminders about repayment dates and remaining debt

updating the database, entering suppliers and recipients into the database

Comprehensive suport

We will deliver and adapt a digital worker to your needs and we will supervise its daily work. You don't need any additional skills to efficiently delegate tasks to digital worker.

You can use the skills and the potential of digital workers where they are really needed. You decide when and what tasks they perform. You only pay for correctly completed tasks.

Cooperation model

Step 1
you decide which tasks and how will be performed by the digital worker
Step 2
we deliver and train the digital worker
Step 3
we ensure the quality and effectiveness of the digital worker


PROA Technology has solved some of our problems related to late payments. Thanks to Anne Hardworker, which keeps track of overdue receivables and sends reminders to our clients, 50% more of our customers repay their liabilities on time.
Karina Kozłowska
Smart AP Sp. z o.o.
The implementation of the robot has significantly shortened the process of invoice registration in our company. We receive about 2,000 invoices per month, and Anne Hardworker records one document within two minutes instead of five.
Krzysztof Kleinszmidt
OT Logistics S.A.
Manual exporting and importing of dozens of invoices between systems was a real nightmare. But the robot "likes" it, and performs it very well and without mistakes.
Justyna Polakowska
The robot is perfect for performing repetitive tasks related to license handling. It relieves us from tedious copying and pasting of files between different folders, and we have more time for our work.
Kazimierz Gondek
Astor Sp. z o.o.
The ease of cooperation with the robot is extremely valuable to me. I communicate with the robot by email just like with other employees. Each completed task is presented clearly and transparently in the form of an interactive report.
Robert Polakowski
Allard Sp. z o.o.

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