Case studies

Registration of documents in ERP

Client: a leading Polish logistics company

Solution: We developed, customized and implemented RO:BOTs to automate the process of registering documents and invoices in ERP. Our RO:BOTs relieve employees from a substantial amount of manual work, such as:

  • printing and scanning documents
  • sticking barcode labels and stamping
  • filling data from documents in ERP
  • attaching documents in ERP.

Result: Our solution allows the client to outsource up to several thousands of documents to the RO:BOT and relieve employees from simple and repetitive tasks. The processing of one document takes on average 50% less time. Additionally, the RO:BOT makes fewer mistakes and works 24/7/365.

Registering overnight deposits in SAP

Client: one of the largest Polish energy providers

Solution: Together with our client we solved the problem of manually moving the same information between different modules in SAP. We provided a RO:BOT which can register an overnight deposit in SAP and complete all required information from the bank statement, including reconciliation and reporting.

Result: Thanks to this solution, the employees are only responsible for checking statuses and results of the reconciliation, allowing them more time to spend on other tasks.

Registering of bank statements

Client: Undisclosed

Industry: Automotive

Solution: We implemented a solution for our client’s accounting system, in order to support employees in the process of registering bank statements. We provided a RO:BOT which can import bank statements from different banks and perform all the steps required to enter the transaction into the accounting system. 

Result: The RO:BOT reduces the time spent by the employees on entering data from electronic documents into the accounting system. This solution offers great support in settling customer payments and money transfers.

Registering of bank statements

Client: Undisclosed

Industry: Banking

Solution: We implemented a RO:BOT for performing obligatory processes on individual bank accounts. The RO:BOT performs tasks required by the banking system, including:

  • on-line monitoring of incoming money transfers
  • checking payment sources and the amounts of customer debts
  • categorization of bank account seizures and calculation of the seized amount
  • freezing bank account.

Result: This solution has allowed the RO:BOT to replace employees in daily verifications of dozens of transaction which are registered in blocked bank accounts. For our Client who have huge number of individual account this solution is the great time saving solution in this procedure required by law. For our client, who operates a large number of individual accounts, this solution allows great time savings on operations required by the law.