RO:BOTs that help your employees

RO:BOTs can support your company in the quest to improve efficiency and quality of day-to-day business.

RO:BOTs can be programmed to repeat specific rule-based tasks that mimic human actions and are great support for business processes as they autonomously perform repetitive tasks in interaction with corporate IT systems, Microsoft Office documents or databases. They interact with various systems via GUI (graphical user interface) in exactly the same way as „human” system users.

RO:BOTs use advanced robotic process automation technology integrated with artificial intelligence algorithms. As such, they can autonomously perform even very complex tasks on average four times faster than manually.

They are equipped with various communication mechanisms, which enables different forms of contact (messenger, sms, e-mail, chatbot, portal). This will allow your employees to delegate tasks to the RO:BOTs in a simple manner. 

Feel secure with our technology


Monitoring is a basic prevention action. The platform of RO:BOTs by PROA Technology provides the complete audit log that tracks and records each RO:BOTs and users activity in the processes supported by RO:BOTs. The collected data enables the generation of detailed audit reports and provides the ability to reproduce the steps that led to a specific problem, RO:BOTs error or other misuse by an employee.


All confidential data that is stored for the purposes of correct RO:BOTs operation are stored in the encrypted and secure database. In the entire automation process, encryption (the process of encoding data or passwords) is performed in such a way that only authorized administrators have access to them – this helps to ensure the highest level of security.


The access control for RO:BOTs is based on roles and permissions. The built-in authentication system allows limited access to the platform of RO:BOTs only to authorized users. The implemented access control mechanisms are the key importance to ensure a high level of internal security, in which only authorized users can view and manipulate the RO:BOTs.