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Let your employees do the real work

Our RO:BOTS will do everything else


What's a RO:BOT?

Autonomous software robot, made by PROA Technology, emulates human behaviour in interaction with computer systems and electronic documents. It enables automation of daily back and front office processes. The advanced AI algorithms used in RO:BOTs enable them to learn using information from the environment in which they operate.

You can benefit from:

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Efficiency increase
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Error rate
- 0 %
Time spent on repetitive tasks
- 0 %
Operational expenses


Processes, Robotization, Optimization, Automation

Fast customer service, through any channel and at any time. You become truly customer-centric as your customers do not need to wait for help.

Operational excellence

Cost saving is important but difficult. With us, you achieve operational excellence fast and easy. Do not change your processes, just automate them

and Quality

Eliminate manual errors –  no information is omitted or distorted and there are no mistakes in calculations


Fast customer service, through any channel and any time, you become truly customer-centric as your customers do not need to wait for help


Repetitive tasks done 24/7/365, more efficiently than by human employees

Unique business model

Pay only for work done

No initial fees

No implementation fees

No maintenance fees

How can RO:BOTs change your company? With our business approach, you don’t have to pay anything until the RO:BOT gets the job done. Introducing automation to a company with PROA Technology is the most cost-friendly and financially secure option on the market.

With PROA Technology you get:

  • Know how
    We have the know-how and experience necessary to smoothly automate the processes in your organization with minimal involvement on your part.
  • Implementation
    We provide Virtual Assistants adapted to the needs, processes and environment of each customer individually.
  • Platform
    We provide a comprehensive environment enabling you to use RO:BOTs for multiple complex tasks.
  • Maintenance
    We monitor the quality and efficiency of RO:BOTs in the production environment.

Our secret,
RO:BOTS that learn


Robotic process automation is an emerging form of business process automation technology based on the notion of metaphorical software robots that assist employees in their work


Artificial Intelligence helps the RO:BOTS excel in their work. Automated robots with our technology are able to improve while they do the work for you. The more you use them, the better they get

Where can we help you?


Your employees don’t have to send the same e-mails or messages over and over again. RO:BOTS can do it for them if they are similar in terms of type, data and required action


Do your employees have to perform a multitude of tasks? Let RO:BOTS do the robot tasks. Our technology can integrate with 99% of available systems. Ask us about what we can do with yours


Billions of documents, which your employees have to read, interpret and decide what to do with them. If 90% of those actions are repeatable, automate them and let employees regain their focus on more complex tasks


You need statistics about processes in your company? You have the data, but there is no time to process it? RO:BOTS will prepare and pre-interpret the data, so you can concentrate on the issues that matter